Thursday, August 3, 2017


me & actor/writer Bill Mosley on location in Alaska on a day off from White Fang c. 1990
Eve Brandstein (my multi-talented partner in Poetry In Motion) & me sometime in the early '90s
me & Katy Sagal sometime in the early 1990s

me & my love Kim at Cafe Largo Poetry In Motion night ,early '90s
poet Doug Lang & me early, '90s when I was visiting DC
the late great poet & small press publisher Jim Haining & me in Portland OR mid-'90s
me & screenwriter/poet Tommy Swerdlow mid-90s
me & artist Don Bachardy mid-90s (he was a friend who painted a portrait of me, as he did all his friends, & I was writing an article about him for the then new mag VENICE I helped start)
me & my godson Nick Browne mid-'90s in Pacific Pallisades
me reading an original poem & flower girl at the multi-talented and old friend Annabel Lee's wedding in NYC mid-'90s
actor/writer and old friend Jamie Rose & me in the mid-'90s
me & my then lady Crystal 1995
my old and post-op brain is not calling up the name of the actress in this photo with me, we were making a short film in Death Valley, the best time I ever had acting in a film, mid-90s
me and actor/writer/director and old and dear friend Karen Allen at The Bookstore in Lenox where I was reading from my latest book and she was introducing me in 1997
my then daughter-in-law and good friend Jennifer Baxandale Lally & me the later '90s
me & then actor and close friend Jim Keefe, late '90s
me & actor and old friend Louis Perez on the set of NYPD Blue, late '90s

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