Thursday, August 24, 2017

SOME QUARTETS [from the 1940s, '50s & '60s]

 me (2 or 3-years-old) my sisters Irene (7 or 8) and Joan (9/10) and our brother Robert (real first name William, 14/15) in front of our Grandmother Dempsey's Belmar NJ "bungalow" c. 1944-45
me around seven with my big brothers Robert/William (in light suit, 19) Tommy (becoming Father Campion, Franciscan Friar) (23) and "Buddy" (real name James, 21) at a Monastery in NJ c. 1949
 same group as above only a year or so later
me on the beach in Belmar NJ at around seven with neighborhood older boys Joey, David, & Freddie c. 1950
me are around eight with my sisters Irene (12 or 13) and Joan (15) and our oldest sibling Tommy (by then Father Campion, 24) c. 1950
my next door cousins Marylynn (7 or 8) and David (4?) (and a girl behind them I can't identify) and me (in tie!) at around nine, in the lot on the other side of my home, South Orange NJ c. 1951
family friend (considered her another sister) Mary Phyllis Kernan and her date, and my cousin Rosemary (whose father died when she was young, so she spent most of her time at our house and thus felt like another sister) and me, embarrassed to be talked into the fake mustache and hat, at Sammy's Bowery Follies NYC c. 1958 when I was sixteen (fake i.d.) and they were all in their early twenties (I later was hired to play piano there for a while as an opening act)
my big brothers standing on an incline (they were all bigger than me) in the order they always appeared in photos, Robert AKA William (34), Tommy AKA Campion (38), Buddy AKA James (36) & me around 18, South Orange NJ c. 1960
my sister Joan, next door cousin Rod, (we had more cousins down the street and elsewhere), me in the only beard I ever had, & next door Aunt Mary, just after I got out of the service in early 1966
me (standing sideways) & poets Darrel Grey, Wayne Clifford & Steven Shrader in Iowa (publicity shot for a poetry reading we were doing at Bowling Green University in Ohio a few weeks later), where we were all students at The U. of Iowa Poetry Workshop (me there on the GI Bill and about to graduate) (Darrel and Steve since departed, I don't know about Wayne) Spring of 1969
three guys from Rising Up Angry, a Chicago radical street group (with a newspaper I wrote for under various names) & me (in tee shirt & flannel) at my Hyattsville Maryland apartment, they were in town for a big anti-Viet Nam war protest shortly after we moved there in Fall of 1969
me holding our son Miles, and Lee our daughter Caitlin in front of our Hyattsville apartment complex 1970
my wife Lee holding our son Miles and me holding our daughter Caitlin on the "balcony" (overlooking the crossroads of two highways without sidewalks) in Hyattsville MD 1970
Lee holding Caitlin & me holding Miles but not sure where, possibly Jersey winter of 1970-71 

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