Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I always say "Poetry saved my life," because it did, and still does. Though I really mean all the creative arts do. So I'm going to try and spend even more time posting about individual and group creative efforts.

Below is a link to a new composition from one of the great creative forces of my lifetime and in my life, the composer Rain Worthington. Her first self-taught compositions back in the 1970s were mesmerizing and moving, for me, and her ongoing creations post music degree are always strikingly and unexpectedly familiar, or familiarly unexpected.

Her latest piece is an elegy for her recently deceased mother, who was a force of nature herself, a fiercely intelligent and independent woman back when that was almost a crime and continuing into her decline until dementia took its toll.

Here is the beautiful tribute to her mother's spirit from Rain Worthington (and listen to the end to get the full impact, it's only a little over five minutes):

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