Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Dems and progressives and leftists who think the tax bill means repubs lose the congress in 2018 maybe should remember how shortsighted most people are these days (and perhaps most days)...if the changes in deductions etc. bring some immediate gains in pocket money for many in red and purple states (and nothing else goes wrong which is a long shot, I know), which they could—even though those gains are eventually wiped out in years to come—they still might retain their hold on at least one house, if not both, continuing the destruction of the judiciary and any regulations hampering greedhead thievery of our national treasury and resources and economy etc.

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Bob said...

And I predict that in the next year or two we will be reading about how corporate executives are receiving obscenely huge bonuses due to the corporate taxes being slashed. And with the drop in tax revenue how will we finance the nation's infrastructure which is supposed to be in such sad shape? Trickle down philosophy didn't work in the past and may become worse this time - slowing down to an intermittent drip. Somebody call a plumber.