Saturday, May 15, 2010


Anybody notice that Republican Senators are saying President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan shouldn't be confirmed because she was never a judge...

...but never acknowledge that then President Bill Clinton nominated her to to be a judge on the federal appeals court in Washington in 1999, but the Republican-controlled Senate blocked that?

So, she wasn't a judge because Republicans blocked her from becoming one, and now they claim she shouldn't be a Supreme Court Justice because she was never a judge!


[woops, thought I posted this yesterday (the 15th, which it's probably dated).]


Butch in Waukegan said...

Our political system is built on hypocrisy, and it’s just as easy to find Democrat hypocrits.

Elena Kagan no longer thinks Supreme Court nominees should have to answer direct questions.

The White House Monday said that Supreme Court nominee won't follow her own advice from 1995 in answering questions on specific legal cases or issues, supporting Kagan’s flip flop on the issue that she first made a year ago.

Kagan wrote in 1995 that the confirmation process had become a "charade" because nominees were not answering direct questions, and said they should have to do so.
But during a briefing with reporters in the White House, Ron Klain, a top legal adviser to Vice President Joe Biden who played a key role in helping President Obama choose Kagan, said that she no longer holds this opinion.

The Daily Caller

Evidently Kagan has won over right winger Lindsey Graham, and the Obama team’s whole sales pitch is that she will reach out to troglodytes on the court like Scalia. It is generally conceded that her appointment will move the court to the right.

Why not defend Kagan’s record, like not hiring any minority tenured or tenure tracked professors during her 6 years as head of Harvard Law?

Or are we supposed to support only because few right wingers oppose her?

Anonymous said...

I just hope she's not a reverse-Souter, which, given her record or lack of it, is a real possibility. It's very frustrating that the repubs get to have hard-core right-wingers on the Court, but the Democrats can't summon the political courage to nominate a liberal.

Lally said...

TPW, I hope so too and agree completely. I understand the Obama strategy (or think I do) but the rightwingers are just so much better at pushing the extreme so that any compromise is still in their favor.

Butch in Waukegan said...

Oh well, it's politics, after all.

I guess we have to be realistic.