Sunday, May 2, 2010


Thanks to my older son Miles for turning me on to the Nobel winning economist Paul Krugman's blog: "The Conscience of a Liberal".

I read Krugman's columns in the NY Times on Sundays and sometimes during the week, and I found the New Yorker profile on him and his wife several issues back a revelation.

But this recent post on his blog, which Miles showed me this morning up in The Berkshires before my youngest son and I returned to Jersey a few minutes ago, made me chuckle and grown at the same time from the reality of these times.

(And add him to my list of favorite blogs and sites to the right.)

[PS: My good friend Kevin McCollister pointed out to me that I wrote "grown" above instead of "groan"—just another example of the way my mind makes connections post brain surgery!]

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