Monday, May 3, 2010


1. The last few days it's been like July or August in Jersey and even up in The Berkshires. But then a few days before that it was like October or March here and it was snowing in The Berkshires! But, once again, no comment from the rightwing Global Warming Deniers as opposed to the overwhelming [I originally wrote "theor oberwhelming"] presence all over the media after the record snowfalls last winter in some parts of the East.

2. I wish you could have seen my daughter's little girl at her dance recital Saturday. Or even better afterwards when we got some ice cream and my daughter brought my granddaughter a pair of pink cowboy boots she wanted (with rhinestones [it took seven attempts to get that last word right, because it's late and the brain surgery still has an impact on my writing] if I observed correctly, to go with her blue tutu and the rhinestone tiara sunglasses she also got! Talk about a little princess.

3. There's a lot of evidence that it's not just BP that's to blame for the oil spill that's heading toward being one of the worst disasters of recent years for the U.S. But it also can be laid at the feet of the defanged environmental agency under the last administration that approved the deepwater well, noting that the environmental impact of an accident causing an oil spill wouldn't last long and would not impact environmentally sensitive areas like the Louisiana wetlands. And Haliburton seems to have been involved in the usual shortsighted profiteering way that leads to lax oversight etc. Same old rightwing influence problem, but why should the media pay attention to that when even in England many citizens believe that BP is more environmentally concerned than Greenpeace!


Elisabeth said...

Your granddaughter sounds delightful, far better than all the political machinations and world destruction that certain powers that be can get up to.

Lally said...

E., I agree totally, (but of course the problem is that the "powers that be" are having and will have an impact on my kids and grandkids and what their lives and world will be like).