Monday, June 28, 2010


A new CD—LOST ANGELS—featuring poems I wrote in the 1970s, '80s, '90s and whatever we call the last decade, has been released by a new independent label, Monomania Records.

It consists of two live sessions of me reading my poetry to music played by my oldest son, Miles, and some of his band mates at the time and other musician friends. These were recorded at a funky little studio on Lincoln Boulevard, as I remember it, in Venice, California in the mid '90s.

Plus a "bonus track" in its way, of a recording taken from a video made of the first reading of my long poem MARCH 18, 2003, which was written for this reading that happened to fall on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, the "shock and awe" part of it began the next day.

The cover photo was taken by Gus Van Sant around the time of DRUGSTORE COWBOY (1989) and was published in a really terrific book of his Polaroids (large format prints) called 108 PORTRAITS.

All lovingly put together by Miles and Magdalen Powers, the great writer and co-founder of Monomania Records. It's a small outfit and a small edition, the kind of limited made-with-and-for-love art object I often write about on this blog, the kind that inspire me to create, and to appreciate the creative output of others.

So, you can order it from Monomania by hitting the link in the first sentence above (it is also available through the great online distributor for independent labels—CD BABY and is on iTunes).

You can also read about it on poets Jerome Sala's ESPRESSO BONGO blog here and Nick Piombino's fait accompli blog here (you have to scroll down a little) [PS: I added Nick's generous post on LOST ANGELS to my list down on the right, just above Jerome's.].

Hope you enjoy it (but as iTunes points out, beware, it contains "explicit" lyrics!).


-K- said...

I don't care how many naughty words its got, I'm gettin' it tonight.

caitlin Hotaling said...

Cover looks good pops!

Lally said...

thanx guys

Anonymous said...

Dear M:
A great piece of work. Miles did an incredible job on production. And every track/poem is perfectly and passionately read. A major accomplishment--congratulations.