Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Passed that mark on Sunday, the 13th.

Obviously I'm pretty much fully recovered, though changed.

I still have no compulsion to make lists or the mental capacity to do so off the top of my head as I used to pre-op.

I still have tastes and preferences that have changed in various ways.

I tire more easily, get confused more often, still have to correct a lot of typos and strange mistakes when I write.

But I read pretty much as much as I used to, can watch any kind of movie without feeling xoerwhelmed (left that typo as an example of some of the more strange ones I still make too often), and otherwise do what I used to.

And the titantium plate in my head still ticks now and then, not sure what sets it off, and sounds different in the shower or when I scratch my head etc.

I could not be more grateful and feel incredibly lucky.

[PS: I never tolerated bs much but feel I do so even less post-brain surgery, less patience for it, though I also feel I have a deeper understanding and acceptance of the unfortunate inevitability of it, including from myself.]


Jamie Rose said...

Thank god you can still tolerate BS--I'll call you later.

Anonymous said...

How nice to read that you still love books. Got some titles I want to share with you.
Your recovery is phenomenal..for instance, it's been 1 and a half years since Athena's surgery, and only for the past few months has it seemed she is recovered fully...meaning her stamina etc..
It is 2:00 am in Los Angeles and am I am surfing the internet, while watching HAIR on HBO. What nostalgia!!!
love, suzanne

-K- said...

I'm sure you've heard this before but this should be a book.