Friday, June 11, 2010


So a lot of politicians and other people on the Gulf Coast, especially Louisiana, don't want oil in the water ruining their fishing businesses and beaches and ecosystem etc. and want BP and the government to stop the oil spewing from the Gulf floor even if they have to spend the nation's resources doing that and cleaning it up...

...BUT they also don't want the government to shut down the other deep water oil wells in the Gulf, even if it's just temporary while the government checks the rigs for safety plans etc. because that will further depress the local economy.

Israel wants the Palestinians to accept them as a legitimate nation and stop harassing them with homemade rockets etc...

...BUT they also want to allow "settlers" to take over Palestinian land and then be protected by the Israeli military and state to the extent of building a wall right though Palestinian farms and separating entire families etc.

And the Palestinians want the Israelis to stop taking their land and/or dividing it with walls and blockades etc. and recognize Palestine as a legitimate nation...

...BUT some of them don't want to stop harassing the Israelis with rockets etc.

Rightwing Republicans who believe as Reagan said that "government isn't the solution it's the problem" want voters to elect them so they can reduce government to a minimum, by e.g. as the Republican woman nominated to run against Harry Ried for his senate seat believes, cutting Social Security and Medicare, eliminating the Education Department and regulatory agencies etc...

...BUT when something goes wrong, they want the government to step in and make it right, despite the fact that rightwing Republican administrations and their dismantling of regulatory agencies etc. has made it almost impossible for the government to do the job, et-endlessly-cetera.

[Here's a link to a short article and longer video that relates to my last point about cutting taxes which leads to cutting government which leads to cutting services which leads to a giant gap between those who can afford "privatized" services and the rest of us.]

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