Tuesday, April 24, 2012


That too is an exaggeration, after all I've been doing this blog for several years now. But still. Good used to be so cool [I meant, of course, to type Google used to be cool, but figured I'd leave it just to show that over two years since the brain surgery I still struggle on a regular basis to type what I mean, redoing typos and out and out weird mistakes more odd than that one, at least I got the first three letters correct so you can see why the typing part of my brain might have typed "Good" instead of what the creating part of my brain was telling my fingers to type: "Google"]. You could look something up and find it pretty quickly and know that everyone else would find it in the same way. Then they changed (was it just last year?) the algorithms so that if you and someone who doesn't share your web surfing history look up the same thing you'll both get different listings and the order they're in etc.

Now they went and changed all the pages I use, to write my blog and add or change things. Today I tried to add a link to an old friend's blog, the novelist and critic William McPherson's McPherson's Lament. But the window you make changes on for my list of blogs and sites I dig (to the right) had been redesigned and kept telling me to correct errors on the form, but as far I can see there are no errors, it's all exactly as it was when I added the last entry (another friend's blog, the writer Elaine Durbach's Trying To Be Cool blog, worth checking out) without any problems.

Wassup Google? You never hear the old adage: If it ain't broke don't fix it?


-K- said...

I agree and I've been readin a lot other complaints on other blogs and on Facebook about the change.

I switched back to the old format which, luckily, is an option but for how long, I don't know.

William McPherson said...

Thanks, Michael for the kind words. I've never had brain surgery but I do the same thing. I blame it on the keyboard. Or something. I'm new to this blogging business. Ittook me a couple weeks just to figure out how to get the thing set up on Tumblr, which doesn't seem to provide a blog roll. Other than that,now that I've gotten more or less used to it, it works pretty well. The people are helpful when you've got a problem. And when you've got a problem, remember to blame the keyboard. It leaves out letters and inserts the wrong letters all the time. It spells poorly, too.

William McPherson said...

Thanks for sending me to Elaine Durbach. She's got a great voice, word-wise.