Saturday, April 21, 2012


So I bought myself an early birthday present (it isn't until next month). Some friends said I should get one, that it would make my live easier, especially one I can talk to.

Others said it would drive me crazy with frustration. I'll let you know. But so far, I've only used it for calls (which not a lot of folks do anymore, and not just the younger ones, everybody texts and messages and etc.) and one message and one check of my email when I was on the train coming back from the city.

And I have to admit, even with that limited usage, it's pretty fun. I guess my Luddite days are over for real.


-K- said...

Try as I might, I think its time for me to admit I simply cannot keep up with the digital world.

I'm told the iPhone is the ultimate in being use-friendly (a phrase I don't think is used anymore) but it seems every new version has an aspect to it that has to be explaained to me with an embarassing amount of detail.

Lally said...

I know what you mean. But so far (and a very limited far) I'm finding it actually a lot easier to use than the old flip phone I had for the past many many years (whenever they'd ask if I wanted ti upgrade for free I'd say What for?)

William McPherson said...

Read this
and keep your head up.

Lally said...

Thanks Bill, I'd read that and saw the news story about how holding in-house business meetings with no chairs were everyone has to stand has reduced and even eliminated people checking their devices during the meeting. It bothers me when I'm talking to my youngest or even older folks and they look down and start responding to a text message or whatever. But on the other hand I totally enjoyed being out at dinner with friends and a subject comes up over which there's some dispute and someone checks their smartphone for the answer (if it's a matter of fact and not opinion) for an instant call on who's correct. That's a gasser, as Louis Armstrong and Hubert Selby Jr. used to say.

Robert Berner said...

Lal--Even multi-tasking has its limits: my wife had to admit that it's not possible to read an actual physical newspaper that you hold in your hand or place on your kitchen table and text or play Solitaire on your smart-phone simultaneously.
An Un-reconstructed Luddite.

William McPherson said...

Agree on all points, Michael, and with Robert Berner, too. It drives me nuts to see all these people walking down the street, heads down, texting, about to walk into me. I walk with trekking poles now and my nastier impulses make me want to stick one of them out and trip the texter. I've so far resisted the impulse. I just move aside. But it willl drives me nuts.