Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is a trip. Steve Hamilton and me reading on a half hour public access cable show in Manhattan in 1977 that included over the course of its run a lot of good young New York poets of that era. (It's pretty much split in half, Steve the first fifteen minutes, me the last fifteen). I'm not crazy about some of what I read, though I think the selection improves as I go along and there's a couple of old favorites on it.

The camera work is sometimes distracting and sometimes fascinating in that slow student film detail oriented way that was so popular in avant-garde movies of the late 1950s and early '60s. But the first thing that struck me was the hair! And the last was my quietly aggressive arrogance (unintentional, just the way I was and often still am, from my youth and background and experiences in the service and jazz world and whatever etc.) especially criticizing the hardworking fellow poets putting the show on (Gary Lenhart I think it was, the final credit was too complex for me to get, I guess I should have paused it there) almost always thinking I knew better (sorry Gary and others over three decades too late).

This was a couple of years before I started acting professionally in movies and on TV. Folks used to ask me if I was an actor or tell me I should be in movies and there's a few angles where I can see why they did that then. At any rate, see what you think. (And thanks to PENNSOUND for getting it online and making it available, no matter how embarrassing.)

[By the way, among the few folks who were in the studio watching the woman is Eileen Myles and I think that's Alfred Milanese on one side of her and Tom Carey on the other and Gary Lenhart up on the ladder, or whatever he's perched on.]

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Anonymous said...


I LOVE look SO CUTE..a .camera worthy actor indeed:)
You're quite a good reader- very engaging. I like your memorable line: "I love books just because they open."

Lally said...

That's funny Suzanne, because I was thinking my earlier work wasn't so great to me now, but that was one line that pleased me too. Plus I loved the poem inspired by Jane!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jane's poem was very cool. Did you send her a note that she is mentioned in the clip? I'm sure she would like to hear it.
I thought every poem was good, especially with what your reading adds to the experience.
I'm going to put this clip in my bookmark bar for easy access :))

Suzanne (aka Queen Jane)

Lally said...

Thanks for mentioning it Suzanne (aka Queen Jane), so I just did.