Sunday, April 15, 2012


I caught most of the new TITANIC on ABC. Julian Fellowes of course is the creator of DOWNTON ABBEY, though this TITANIC was not as critically acclaimed it seemed to me to be almost a prequel to DOWNTON ABBEY, and in fact confirmed some of my suspicions about one of the second season's subplots. What I don't get is why it was on network TV and not advertised as a prequel to DOWNTON ABBEY in some ways (or I guess more a sidebar since DOWNTON ABBEY begins just before the TITANIC sunk).

[I know, I know, this TITANIC isn't really connected to DOWNTON ABBEY in any necessary way, and perhaps the use of at least one (that I spotted) actor as a different character (actress actually, Maria Doyle Kennedy, one of my favorites) would seem to dispel any actual connection, but still...]

Between Fellowes' TITANIC and the new season of THE BORGIAS I feel like I'm getting more than the usual dose of cable (mostly) violence and melodrama and anachronistic historical perspective. But a lot of really terrific acting makes up for all that and more of the usual tropes, as they say these days.

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