Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ken McCullough & me in DC c. 1972
Terence Winch, Ed Cox & me (in Terry's hat) in DC c. 1972
Simon Schucat, Eric Torgersen & me standing, Steve Shrader, Ray DiPalma, Paula Novotnak sitting on bench, Dick Paterson sitting on the ground, @ Trinity College DC c. 1970 
Bruce Andrews, me, Ray DiPalma in my Sullivan Street pad NYC c. 1975?
Jim Haining & me in Portland OR c. '90?
me & Maureen Owen at St. Mark's NYC c. 2000?


Robert Berner said...

Where's Ralph?

Lally said...

I've got a shot of Ralph I haven't scanned yet, but none of him and me together ,which is a bummer. Wish I had a shot of him playing piano.

JenW said...

It's great to enjoy photos of happy times and dear friends. The body ages but the spirit is forever young. Not fair at all...