Sunday, January 13, 2013


I still sometimes get a kick out of awards shows like The Golden Globes, because sometimes someone says or does something unexpected and rarely if ever seen on TV, live or not. Of course reality shows diminished the rarity on TV of embarrassing behavior etc., but still, like championship games and matches the drama in live contests can sometimes be compelling.

And since I still seem to know a lot of folks on these shows from my two decades in L.A. in the film and TV business, The Golden Globes, which honors creators from both movies and TV, it's even more interesting to me. The highlight tonight, if you didn't catch it, was Jody Foster's acceptance speech for the Globes version of a lifetime achievement award. It was smart, personal, at times funny, but mostly it seemed so compelling because it was written from the perspective of someone who, as she said, has been in the public eye since she was three years old and thus cherishes and has to protect her personal privacy more than anyone should have to (without mentioning the more than one insane stalker she's had to deal with).

It brought tears to my eyes, but there's no way of fully conveying why. It was hurried and she wasn't great at timing, more intent on making her points than paying attention to the audience's reaction, but it was totally moving. If it becomes available on line check it out.

Other highlights were hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who were at times hysterical and should be hosting the Oscars (do you believe it was the first time in history that two women hosted an awards show?); Daniel Day Lewis's eloquent but cut short acceptance speech; Ben Affleck's surprise win for director and then his movie ARGO's win for best drama; Lena Dunham winning for best actress in a TV comedy, and then her show, which she created and stars in, GIRLS, winning for best TV comedy or musical (her gutsy and honest acceptance speech also cut short); and Quentin Tarintino winning for best writer for I guess a drama, DJANGO UNCHAINED, unexpected by him and I suspect everyone else, and for my taste unwarranted as well given the competition.

And oh yeah Clare Danes also gave a child star grown up in the biz frank and eloquent acceptance speech for a well deserved award for best actress in a TV drama, HOMELAND. But in the end it was a pretty safe show, nothing truly embarrassing or totally unexpected. Hopefully that'll happen at the Oscars.

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