Sunday, March 23, 2014


I never worked with James Rebhorn that I can remember. [Turns out we were both in BASIC INSTINCT and both worked on a short-lived TV soap TEXAS, but not in the same scenes.] I used to see him around my town in Jersey and we'd nod to each other. And once we chatted a bit when we both attended a meet and greet with that vegetarian, Steiner-school educated, ex-Ohio mayor who became a Congressman and ran for president whose name I can't think of right now [Dennis Kucinich].

Rebhorn was a great actor. As the father on Showtime's HOMELAND in recent years, and the auto mechanics expert in the classic flick MY COUSIN VINNIE, as well as in numerous other movies and TV shows, he always hit the exact right note. As someone who has acted in smaller roles on TV and in movies I know how challenging that can sometimes be.

I always say starring in a show, which I have done, the challenge is you're responsible for the story working over all. You basically carry the show on your shoulders. But having a small part in a movie or TV show is like having an artist almost complete a painting and then asking you to fill in a few spots.

You have to conform to someone else's vision and style and working habits and personality and pace etc. etc. etc. Insert yourself into someone else's story and make it work, without "stealing the show" from the star. Rebhorn always nailed it.

I would like to have told him that the few times we passed each other in the street. But I'm sure there were plenty who did. My condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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