Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I wrote many days back about when the weather warmed up for a few days that the big melt off had begun. But it didn't really. Today we had a few hours above freezing for the first time in days but nothing much actually melted except for on some roofs (probably also from the heat rising under them as much as some hours of direct sun) and patches here and there.

But walking up my street earlier I noticed the snow between the sidewalk and the street is still mostly above my knees and part of it above my waist and here and there up to my chest...still. It's supposed to be below freezing tomorrow (after getting down to 15 tonight) but then warm up some for the weekend. So we'll see. But so far it's still a very snowy world I live in, or rather icy as what looks like snowbanks are actually frozen solid.

Nonetheless. During those few hours above freezing, it did feel like a touch of Spring was in the air, despite the fact there's still snow and ice pretty much everywhere. Its coming.


tpw said...

ICE warning: Yesterday morning, while hauling in the garbage cans after the pickup, I went flying in my driveway after slipping on the ice. Even while being very cautious. The speed & suddenness were a real surprise. Lower back & right hand injured, but I hope not seriously. Beware the ice of March!

Lally said...

oh man, I'm so sorry....and impressed you can joke about it...that's always been one of your gifts though...for which we're all grateful...