Friday, March 21, 2014


The snowbanks that were up to my chest are now below my knees. The rest of the snow has slowly melted. You can feel Spring in the air but it's still getting down below freezing at night some days, and after a couple of days of warmer weather tomorrow it's forecast to go down below freezing again.

This is unusual for the opening days of Spring. Just another sign of climate change. But on the unique weekly HBO documentary news show VICE a glacier scientist working in Greenland used the phrase "climate catastrophe" rather than climate change. It seems more accurate.

The rightwing Republicans are always talking about how Obama and the Democrats are leaving their grandchildren with money debt. Most of their accusations based on either misinformation or outright lying. But Obama and the Democrats should be talking about the climate debt we're leaving our grandchildren and the generations to follow.

The fact that the world population, or at least a majority of "Americans," aren't protesting and demonstrating and rebelling against the corporate powers that own the Koch Brothers Party, I mean Republican party, and those Democrats too timid or corporately owned themselves to demand real changes in energy policies, is perhaps the result of the corporate ploy to keep the populace distracted by electronic devices (like the one I'm on right now) where we can just hit the "like" button and get back to seeing what our friends ate or their kids or pets did today. Electronic devices that need energy to function, energy that comes from coal based power plants etc.

It's like the old comic books and the comic book movies that have become the world's blockbusters these days where a villain or gang of villains threatens to destroy the world unless they get their ransom, only in this case the Koch brothers and their ilk aren't threatening, they ARE destroying the world and not even asking for a ransom because we're willingly paying them to do it.

Like I always say, I shouldn't write these rants late at night.

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