Sunday, February 8, 2015


The writer and director of BLACK OR WHITE, Mike Binder, is an old friend, but even if he wasn't I'd still recommend seeing this film. It's an unconventional family story with some predictability to the plot but more often full of unexpected twists. In fact, most scenes have a surprise for anyone who thinks they know where the scene is going.

There's a lot of terrific acting in it as well, especially from the three leads, Kevin Costner, who has done his best work as an actor with Binder (see THE UPSIDE OF ANGER, Binder's masterpiece) and does it again in BLACK OR WHITE, even when playing pitiful. Octavia Spencer commands the screen, as always. But the real treat is the child actor Jillian Estell, who not only charms her way into your heart but is the heart of the movie.

It's not getting as much attention as it should [actually in retrospect it has gotten attention, some of it negative for understandable reasons (i.e. it's about race but from an old white man's perspective mostly) but it's still worth seeing what the fuss is about], so if it's playing near you, go see it while you can. 

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