Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sixty-year-old Celtic woman shows how it's done. See below at 1 minute 51 seconds (and stick around for every second that follows if you want to feel really really good):

[sorry CBS pulled the video, feckin corporations sure know how to please people]
[My old friend Alameda Tom found another link for the video, this time it's at 2:04:]


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, having only watched the day after videos of each performance/r, Annie Lennox stole the show! I saw folks talking about Sia and Kristen Wiig, and that was cool too, but for out and out rock and roll, Annie for the win! Beauty, power, glam, soul, kick ass voice, the full package! Damn.

Lally said...

yeah, I agree from what I've seen