Sunday, February 1, 2015


Having trouble posting the announcement for my friend, and one of my favorite artists, Eric Holzman's show that will run for another week and you shouldn't miss. I missed the opening because of my bout with the flu, or whatever it was, but intend to catch it before it closes.

You have to see his work in person to get why it's so compelling, (the closest artist I can link him with, in some aspects of the figuration that appears or is hinted at in Holzman's work, is William Blake, though comparisons are odious and it doesn't do Eric's work justice to leave the impression it's derivative in any way, because it isn't, it's unique). 

So if you're anywhere near Manhattan in the next week drop by here:

Eric Holzman: Small Paintings
Lori Bookstein Fine Art
138 10th Ave, and 18th street

January 08, 2015 - February 07, 2015        

And here's a reproduction of one of his paintings:


Anonymous said...

One of my faves. He is a great artist as well as being a thoughtful & nice person.

When are you going, Lal? maybe I'll run into you! love, Elinor

Lally said...

Maybe this weekend Elinor.

AlamedaTom said...

Well, I'll be. The corn is high as an elephant's eye.

~ Willy