Thursday, February 19, 2015


So Rudy Giuliani speaking at a dinner for wealthy Republicans talks about how "Obama doesn't love America" because he doesn't know America the way Rudy and his Republican friends do?

It's time the Dems played hardball the way the Repubs do and had their spokespersons make clear that it's obvious that Giuliani and Limbaugh and almost everyone on Fox News but especially Rupert Murdoch the power behind it and the Koch brothers and Scott Walker and Ted Cruz and the rest of the Repub line up not only don't love America but are traitors to it because their only loyalty is to their corporate masters who continue to destroy everything there is to love about this country from the environment to the equal opportunity that was once one of its highest ideals.

I heard an historian refer to the present situation in the USA as the "undeveloping" of the country and its economy, a deliberate tactic by the greediest of the 1 percent and the corporations most in need of regulation and taxation, i.e. the oil companies, big pharma, big agribusiness, et. al. and their shills, i.e. most of the leaders and spokespeople for the Republican Party.


Harryn Studios said...

More of the same from the 'haters' ...

Every time I hear something from Rudy or FOX opinion the ignorance infuriates me. As a news junkie it seems I can't resist the pain it'll cause.

I thought the entire notion of this on-going Democratic experiment was to not love unconditionally – to not goose-step to the flavor of the month, but to develop a tried 'n true society that operates on the principles of higher ideals for all people.

It's precisely this blind 'love' and dissemination of our values that creates conflict within the opposition and the fear of progress for practitioners of an antiquated ideology.

Oddly enough the behavior of Rudy, FOX, the Tea Party contingent, and many within the Republican party is not so different – i.e.., antiquated ideologies.

The most salient element within the promises of Democracy is the power of hope – not the futility and anger disseminated by the control mongers.

Honestly, I thought Obama's speeches this week were among the most inspiring and truthful assessments of the terrorist condition I've heard since 9/11. Obviously it'll take time for many people to thoroughly understand the depth of Obama's character, values, and genius.

I pray it won't be too late ...

Lally said...

I hear ya Paul. Here's a great link for more facts about why Rudy doesn't love America and deserves to be called a traitor:

Lally said...