Tuesday, February 17, 2015


[I started writing poetry as soon as I learned to write. But somewhere in my early teens I wrote this:]


I'll marry
the wind

and we'll
have breezes


Anonymous said...

I like that.....suzanne ")

Anonymous said...

wow will I be happy if my previous comment makes it on your site...havent' been able to comment for months!

Lally said...

I don't know how the whole comments thing works cause I'm still technodyslexic, or more so. But happy to see this comment Suzanne.

(I had to put the screener thing on it with someone else's help and simply to keep the right wing troll(s) from wasting all our time and energy on their rote parroting of their right wing propaganda over and over and over again, often on just one post, etc.)

(PS: The main one, Jim, still sends them despite my blocking them for a long time now)

tpw said...

Great little poem. But,as we know, breezes blow.

Anonymous said...

My first poem- written at an early age of course:

To Heaven I would like to go
There are many things I want to know
Does it rain or does it snow
These are things I'd like to know

Do the Angels eat angel cake
Or do they thrive on charcoal steak
These are things I'll never know
I had one fault and went below


Ah the benefits of a Catholic School education....
getting young, little minds to ponder

Suzanne :)