Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Fiorina, though I dislike her positions and think she was a lousy CEO etc., did come across as more intelligent and articulate than a lot of the guys, especially Trump and Carson, the so-called frontrunners. Hopefully they'll all end up beating each other...

...but it is so tiresome to watch the usual lies being thrown around and the supposed "journalists" not calling them on it, especially the blatant attempt to sound Reaganesque by Jeb saying are you better off than you were six and a half years ago (I think he meant seven and a half unless I misheard) as if the best time in "America" was under his brother!?

The usual rightwing tactics of misdirection, misinformation, and endless lies prevailed.


tpw said...

Yes, they all suck. What's amazing is how radically unAmerican all these despicable fuckers are in the end. Empty, shallow, ego-driven, greedy soulless parasites.

Lally said...