Sunday, September 20, 2015


Yeah, I'm still watching RAY DONOVAN, mostly to see how they're portraying "my people" now. That's kind of a joke and kind of not, "my people" being Irish-Americans. So the first question is, did a guy with an Irish sounding last name step on the toes of someone writing this show, or is there another reason why the three main baddies on the series so far all have Irish, or at least Celtic derived, last names: Donovan, Finney and Cochran? (And I know Finney is sometimes declared an "English" name but most of the Finneys I've known in my day were of Irish descent)

Was I seeing clearly when the coming attraction for next week's show has Ray himself going to confession? It's a set up right? He didn't really right? Because as he's written that would be, oh wait, that's already more than three questions.

Too bad, cause the third one was a good one, and not meant to pick on anyone's looks or how they're being shot or anything, but what's going on with Katie Holmes teeth or her character's in this show?


Tracee said...

The braces were meant to mitigate her migranes. Um, cuz that's common. Anyway, they actually don't work. Shocker. I'm sorry, I can only answer the last question lol

Lally said...

great answer though Tracee, thanks