Thursday, September 10, 2015


Albie Selznick, Nathan Stein, me, Penelope Milford and Winston Jones posing for a publicity shot for my "play"—the staging of some of my poems from the collection HOLLYWOOD MAGIC—L.A. 1983 (if you look closely you can see I'm holding an open switchblade in my left hand...I'm wearing my own clothes but so are Albie and Nathan—that's my vintage 1950s shirt on Albie and my vintage 1950s garrison belt and jacket on Nathan—who at that time were two thirds of a brilliant New Wave magic (thus the dove), juggling and acrobatic act called The Mums, Winston was a playwright who also acted in horror movies in various costumes as aliens and monsters, and Penny was the Oscar-nominated (for COMING HOME) actress I was married to at the time...)

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