Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Open letter to Sen. Ben Cardin, alleged Democrat
“...We would like to see the Trump administration succeed, and we're going to do everything we can to make him a successful president.”
—Sen. Ben Cardin, Democratic senator from Maryland, on NPR, Jan. 19th, 2017
20 January 2017
Sen. Ben Cardin:
This is a sad day for many Americans. To see a man like Trump become leader of this country is a depressing sight. He ran a racist, white-supremist, sexist campaign, one filled with un-Constitutional proposals such as torturing captives and blocking people from coming here on the basis of religion. He mocked the handicapped. He bragged about committing sexual assault.
But then I hear you on NPR yesterday saying how much you want Trump’s presidency to be a successful one. Excuse me? Did I just hear my Democratic senator from a Democratic state wishing success to Donald Trump? What sort of success would you like Trump to enjoy? Do you want him to be successful in enacting the aforementioned agenda? 
You epitomize everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. You are weak, always ready to surrender to right-wingers. Never resisting, never fighting, never standing up against the forces of darkness we are now faced with. There is a reason why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are so popular with actual Democrats---it is because they are not owned by corporate sponsors and various lobbies. They are willing to take on the extreme right (which is now the entire republican party) while you & your ilk are wishing Trump success. It’s unimaginable that any republican out there would be such a docile enabler of his or her opponents.
What you should have said is that you would do everything possible to block Trump’s agenda at every turn. You should have echoed McConnell’s famous line about making Obama a one-term president. One thing you should not be doing is wishing success to Trump.
I very sincerely hope that you retire after your current term is up. If you don’t, I hope a true progressive will emerge to challenge you in a primary. Maryland Democrats deserve better than you.
Terence Winch
Silver Spring, Maryland

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Harryn Studios said...

Kudos to Terrence Winch for making a clear statement of opposition based on principles and congratulations to all participating in protests and resistance to this cycle of darkness that eclipses hope and light.
All the 'stories' of our generation can not and should not end – that would be disrespectful.
It's just hard to see or recall the inspirational words of our predessors while assuaging fears that accompany darkness.
There's no time to indulge in the bogeyman syndrome - that's part of the current regime's calculus to keep resistance off balance.
More than ever, this resistance needs leadership, a voice, or a spokes-person to continue the message of hope. Someone selfless and succinct - someone to convince not litigate.
The Democrat's notion of inclusion is diffused by confusion - look what happened to the Occupy Movement. Our fast-food cultural relies on simple messaging - the genius of compression.
Who among us will give voice to this malaise?
There's work to be done ...