Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Riding around in the car this afternoon with my youngest, the hot air blowing in the rolled down windows, we tried to guess the temperature. Then I turned on the climate screen to check and it said the outside temperature was 92 degrees!

It wasn't even the hottest part of the day. And since the average temperature for this date according to the weather forecaster on TV tonight is 56, and I'm sure somewhere around here hit 96 sometime today or very close, that means the temperature for this day was FORTY DEGREES ABOVE AVERAGE!

That's global warming folks.

And as if we needed any more proof, on the main TV news tonight they reported that when tourists visit Glacier Park this summer, they'll find two more glaciers gone, so that a national park that in the lifetimes of living people held one hundred and twenty five (125!) glaciers is now down to twenty-five (25!).

They predict that by the end of this decade there will be NO MORE GLACIERS in GLACIER PARK! Oh and there was a story yesterday about an island that disappeared in the Bay of Bengal. It was a disputed piece of property between I forget who, India and Bangladesh? Whoever it was, it doesn't matter now.

Think there's a connection between these facts and this one, that in a current survey over ninety percent of regular watchers of Fox News think Saddam Hussein is responsible for 9/11. Over ninety percent. I bet they're all tea partyers too.


Elisabeth said...

Scary stuff, Michael, climate change, misinformation and all those folks who don't want to look at certain harsh realities.

Lally said...

Yes, and what I can't understand from the perspective of US citizens, is why Obama hasn't held a press conference in Glacier Park to point this out as well as the fact that his administration has already taken many steps to encourage and grow alternative energy and/or why the Dems version of Tea Partyers haven't held a rally in Glacier Park with Al Gore and other prominent environmentalists as speakers ala the recent Tea Party rallies in Nevada etc. It seems the reasonable, better educated and more diverse left in the USA doesn't get how crucial it is to repeat the simple truths of climate change and some of its causes over and over and illustrate the point with current events that support it. I guess they assume anyone who doesn't get it never will.

epaminondas said...

hey lally, don't get your knickers in a bunch. the seas will envelop the earth and eventually the spirits of the kind and just will return as happy aquatic beings

Jamie Rose said...

There's a very smart piece about the Climate Change, um, CONTROVERSY (!!!) in this weeks New Yorker, Talk of the Town.

Ed Baker said...

pretty soon almost all of Smith Island will be under water...
I was there a cpl years ago

(my son's best friend is a Smith Island Parks... Tommie Parks.. the Parks been crabbers on Smith Island since the mid 1700 s!)

heck, remember Chesterpeak crabs? Oysters?

now they come from swimming pools in Taiwan... or worst... off the coast of (polluted)

gonna go to Crisfields Restaurant over on Georgia Ave for my 69 th birthday next week

get me one of them crab-cake platters for $37... before The Potomac sinks Silver Spring...