Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When I was a teenager doing my best, I thought, to become the kind of jazz piano player I idolized at the time, I would travel anywhere to hear the greats, and one up and coming jazz artist I admired and heard live was Mose Allison. Some musicians I played with, or just knew, didn't think Mose was that great a musician, even if they dug his songwriting.

But I loved the swinging simplicity of his playing, blues based and mildly funky. When a few years later he came out with one of my all-time favorite albums and it became a top seller for a jazz LP, I was not only happy for Mose, but for those of us who dug him. Here is one of the most played songs from that album, in memory of Mose, and aimed at he whose name we cannot speak.

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tpw said...

Very cool song, as was its composer. No more death!