Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Guess there might be more than one post before I get brain surgery. This one's just to send kudos to my friend RJ Eskow for his post on his blog A Night Lite and today's Huffington Post (here) that nails the way the right misleads and misinforms whether intentionally or not. Keep up the good work RJ.


Ken said...

Michael i had brain surgery 7 years ago and have live with whats left of the tumor in my head with relative comfort and some has been good..i still talk to kale and nuewirth regularly..last week i was diagnosed with prostate cancer and past the stage where surgery would radiation is what im going to do,,,30 treatments from what i understand...we can walk thru it all with dignity and come thru the otherside carried by the love of our friends..i am so blessed to have a life full of such great people as i know you wishes on this upcoming ordeal and as Ilene Waterstone once told me...its not like they took a splinter out of your on brother

Rhonda said...

Michael, I miss you and love you and wish I could be there. You will be fine. You are one of the finest men I have ever met and secretly wish you still lived in LA.

My love and thoughts are with you xoxoxo rhonda

Lally said...

Ken, I'm truly sorry for your ordeal man and totally appreciate your attitude. Like Selby used to tell me, "If you get a check in the mail for a hundred bucks, thank God for the blessing. And if you get a bill in the mail for a hundred bucks, thank God for the blessing." That advice has gone a long way in helping me deal with all kinds of difficult circumstances and events. Including the current ones. I had my prostate cancer eight years ago and nothing since, thankfully. The good news is we're alive now when there's so many medical breakthroughs happening all the time. The operation I had is already a hundred times easier and less intrusive etc. I look forward to talking to you after the operation. A couple of guys said they'd give you my number.
And Rhonda, thanks for the loving words. Makes me blush. I love you too kid.

Loyeen said...


I only wish you and Jim could trade places and he could have his negative political views removed. I enjoy your posts/blogs and they will be missed for this brief period. Take care and can not wait to read your next post. Loyeen (Jim's wife)

Jamie Rose said...

Loyeen! LOL!

RJ Eskow said...

Thanks, Lal!! You keep up the good work, too. Unless I miss my guess, this little bump in the road ain't gonna stop you.

You know we're in your corner.