Thursday, November 19, 2009


an interesting thing is happening. if i write in all lower case it doesn't take me anywhere near as long to type a simple message as it was just yesterday, though i still have to back up an correct alot.

but as a young writer, working on the portable typewriter the police chiefs wife gave me for graduating high school i always wrote in lower case and skipped the contractions as well (you they're automatic) [i meant to write now they're automatic not you but thought i'd leave that mistake in because it's interestingly not about mistyping, which i've been backing up correcting constantly as i go.

phew. this is difficult. much easier if i just use my left hand, well finger actually, (though even leftie, it took me eight attempts to figure out how to write "acutally") [woops] since i taught myself how to those many years ago and ever since to type two-fingered.

Not to worry though. i'm progressing and these are just motor skills that will bounce back.

{P.S. post: I am writing this for my dad to say that he can speak normally and can read The New Yorker out loud but interestingly, is having great difficulty reading it to himself. Typing is the hardest. He finds all of this fascinating!}


Anonymous said...

Just a really really glad post.
Glad you're back.
Glad for your news.
Glad you can almost type.

-- 60's IC person, lurker mostly

TC said...


Great to have you back on the beat.

Trust in that old motor skill bounce.

(This comment only took me 5 minutes to type.)

Toby said...

Also glad you are back, and that the news is so good.

yur ritin like a young bobby dylan.


Connie said...

Great to have you back, Mike. Thanks for letting us in on how things are going.


Tore Claesson said...

the piano is next. glad to have you back.
yael, tore, louie & ty

The Kid said...

Best news I've read all week.

Jamie Rose said...

Hello my dear,

I saw Cindy Wright today, know you through Bill and Terre, she's been following my Facebook posts and said "Well, Michael Lally is looking as handsome and sexy as ever". Thought you'd like that.