Friday, November 20, 2009


Got good advice just now from my old, dear friend Suzanne, whose daughter had brain surgery, to not push the mental activity yet, let the brain recovery from actually being touched my someone, literally. Amazing.

(And again thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and love, most of all and always for the love.)


-K- said...

You can easily see how well you're doing just by the improvement in your writing.

The Kid said...

You're recouping at home, right? We sent something over today, just wanted to make sure you're at that address.

Ed Baker said...

that IS very good advice from your friend

what side of the brain was "violated" may determine which (mental) activities to s l o w l y re:embrace..

wear sun glasses..

just like The Invisible Man

tom said...

I've been traveling and had limited internet access that i had to use for work - so it is good to come back and see that you are making progress - you have been in our prayers and my daughter is on her way to Rome - so I've sent a prayer request with her - hey, it can't hurt. should be some good stories and poems from this experience -