Saturday, November 28, 2009


I'm still only able to write and read a few sentences a day (with much effort). And even most movies and TV are too difficult.

But several days ago I was able to watch an episode of 30 ROCK and laugh at humor I would have otherwise found too broad and obvious. But that was exactly what made it enjoyable.

Whereas a few days later I tried to watch THE DAILY SHOW and though at first I was laughing and enjoying John Stewart, within only a few minutes it became too complex, full of subtleties and ironies that began to actually hurt my brain and I had to turn it off.

It's too difficult to articulate now, but it feels like these are insights into the way many people's brains work, or don't work.


Elisabeth said...

Your brain sounds to me as though it's recovering from a terrible assault, called surgery.

Good that you can now track its recovery. I wonder about your emotional experience in all of this? Or is that too hard to record. Perhaps it is - too hard or too private.

Thanks for your efforts so far. It's good to share this process with you. It reminds me of how fallible we all are.

One day it could be me struggling after brain surgery like you. Perish the thought. I'm not sure I could do as well as you.

Jamie Rose said...

I'm glad you are having insights into the way other people's brains work, but if you start touting the subtleties and wit of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" I'm sending you back to the hospital.