Monday, November 9, 2009


At least this doc.

Got up in the dark with my 12-year-old to catch the Jersey Transit train to Manhattan's Penn Station Saturday morning, where we caught another train—Amtrack's Adirondack—up the Hudson to Hudson NY.

A bright sunny Fall day, the trees still vibrantly colorful, the sun reflecting off the river, little islands and tug boats pulling barges. Couldn't have been more delightful. Some of my favorite things: trees, trains, rivers, Autumn.

And to share it all with my 12-year-old boy without the distractions of driving, couldn't have been better. We've traveled before by train, my favorite means of transportation, and always enjoyed it immensely.

In Hudson we were met by my daughter—my oldest—for an equally beautiful ride to Great Barrington, Mass. Good talk, great company, delightful drive.

We stayed at my older son's home, where I got a chance to rest while my 12-year-old played with his 11-year-old nephew, more like a brother, even twin, which always delights me as well. And the next day, after the best night's sleep I'd had in a week—maybe the busiest week of my life in some ways—me and my older son jammed a little—him on guitar (his main instrument is base) and me on his little 1960's electric piano.

Mellow and at times deeply groovy, it capped a difficult week with even more delight, filling me with gratitude for the beautiful things in life, and the beauty in those things we at first take for not very beautiful, even sometimes scary.

In the middle of another gorgeously bright and sunny, and now even warm, Sunday, my older son drove us to Hudson for the train ride back to cap a short but sweet visit and weekend. Back home, another good night's rest and now I'm off to the city for some more appointments to determine my next move.

More on what's going on soon.


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Love you so much.

The Kid said...

Argh, I hate cliff-hangers. Write faster, Lally. Give us a happy ending.

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It was a nice weekend. Something about the fall sunlight...

I was playing bass during our little jam, though it's easy to imagine why you might have thought I was playing guitar; I did more "lead" type playing than usual.

- Miles