Sunday, November 29, 2009


Things progressing nicely in some areas. I'm able to read more each day, the big challenge being reading silently to myself. Lots of stops and starts, and having to figure out what some things mean etc. but still, my reading skills are definitely on the rebound.

Writing is still very very slow and difficult, with constant correcting, sometimes several corrections for one word, but still a little better.

And now, added to the pleasure I'm getting from food—(I actually cut up, very carefully, some zuchinni (sp?) and carrots and heated up some chicken and potatoes, the most cooking I've done in years—I usually microwave etc.)—and limited one on one conversation, I've suddenly gotten back tenfold the pleasure I find in art I dig.

I got in the mail yesterday two announcements (man this is taking a long time to write and rewrite this simple blog post) for an upcoming show at Tibor dy Nagy gallery, of oil on board paintings by Picabia and Fairfield Porter (the Porter is the lighter, yellowish one) that so overwhelmed me with their beauty I must have sat staring at these reproductions for over a half hour, just savoring the colors and shapes and sensual satisfactions that the very texture of the paint as translated by the reproduction brought to my senses. Too difficult to articulate, but totally satisfying.

So now besides food and conversation, I can add art to my list of deeply satisfying pleasures in these early days of recovering from the brain surgery. Thank God for it all. (Including the half hour or more it took me to figure out how to scan and upload these images!) (Unfortunately the computer doesn't do them justice.)


Miles said...

Nice, Dad. I can see why you enjoy those images.

tom said...

Progress that's good. glad you can begin to enjoy art again.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had brain surgery, and I still can't remember how to scan and upload...

Anonymous said...

here is first piec that I did after my stroke July 15, 2003

there is something magical in the the brain/mind

maybe get some water-colors, brushes, paper and

do what Picabia did? said...

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Tim said...

You've come a long way.