Monday, July 26, 2010


Thanks to my good friend Freddie for hipping me to this. Well worth watching to the end.

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JIm said...

Shirley was wronged by an incomplete release of the tapes, however she is anything but Mother Theresa. She accused Breitbart of wanting Black folks back in slavery and Fox news as being racist.This of course is the Liberal favorite refrain. Keith, Shirley and many on this blog have only the losing and weak arguments of liar, racist, really big meanie as counter arguments to support a policy that has destroyed job creation in the private sector. Breitbart was too eager to refute the NAACP attack on the
Tea Party. A slavery proponent he is not. The Shirley tape was not aired until the Obama administration sacked her. Fox airs liberal and conservatve opinions represented by people who are white, black and Asian. Racism is a stretch and Shirley should look to her self before she throws the Racist charge. Keith is hardly competent as a sports commentator, and certainly is an embarasment as an issures commentator.