Sunday, July 18, 2010


A few days down the Jersey shore again, this time with my older son, Miles, and my daughter-in-law and grandson and his uncle, my youngest.

Rough surf at times, windy and hot and humid, and the pink-skinned among us (my daughter-in-law, me and my youngest) got patchy sunburn, but ultimately one of those great beach experiences where you're just happy to be alive and together with loved ones.

And then there was the observing of the various tribes. When I was a boy the dominant ethnic groups (Irish, Italian, Jewish, African, etc. all hyphenated "-Americans") gathered in different towns along the coast. And in Belmar, the town my family went to, gathered at different beaches.

Belmar has changed. Where there once was old Victorian hotels with Irish bars in the basement and Mass said in the dining room on Sunday morning, there are now ugly condos. And among the few little bungalows left, there are those McMansions taking up too much of a lot and monstrously designed as if to prove their bad taste.

But it's still a party town where some of those bungalows and even some of the monstrosities are rented out to groups of young people (late teens and twenties and even early thirties) for beach going and partying. We watched them circulate in small groups all of which seemed to have agreed on the uniform of the night (think "Jersey Shore" the reality show) but to our surprise, there were cops or security officers on almost every corner where there were bars nearby.

As I understand it, the new million dollar behemoth owners don't want young people partying in the town they have invested in so deeply. It didn't seem to be stopping the partying cold, but maybe is having a dampening effect. What a shame if that continues.

But now that Jersey has a Republican governor, it will be even more millionaire friendly and working folk neglectful (as in the recent two percent cap on property taxes the governor (speaking of behemoths) put in, while at the same time raising the cap on taxes for ordinary folks and making any tax raise for the rich verbotten) etc.

So, as I recover from a summer cold and some spotty sunburn back in my apartment in North Jersey, I'm catching up on the news I missed and seeing that people are still murdering one another around the world, global warming seems more in evidence than ever, and the rightwing Republicans are continuing to spread big lies about their subservience to corporate dictates while also continuing to fight any extension of unemployment benefits for ordinary out-of-work "Americans" and blaming everything on Obama, who actually does deserve credit, for getting more done in a year-and-a-half that helps ordinary people than the Republicans did in, well, ever.


JIm said...

Governor Christy is a fine example of how to tame government spending, restrain out of control government unions with their grossly excessive pay and pensions while the private sector is suffering from government's war on the economy and employment through high taxes, huge increase in regulations and stupid and excessive public spending.

PS Michael's earlier comment is a good illustration of the liberal mind. History and facts never deter liberal dogma. The South Orange Flash and the Sex Poodle seem to be unaware of 1000 year Roman, 500 year Viking warm periods as well as the the 500 year Little Chill (1350-1850), which all occurred before the Industrial

Anonymous said...

Marie Antoinette was called
(among other things):

The Queen of Deficit

and look what that got her!

now it s not

"let them eat cake"

it s

"let them eat tainted shrimp"

Harryn Studios said...

I can't figure out how the republicans get this notion that they are conservative fiscal managers when you look at statistics for deficit increases from Reagan through the Bush's compared to Carter and Clinton - the enormity of their deficit spending outweighs the Democrats by leaps and bounds ...
Proving once again that the facts matter less than perception of misinformation becoming reality ...
I guess in the "Land of Lawyers" the Republicans have become reliant on the process of litigating the truth rather than employing common sense ...
And in terms of conservative management, they don't appear to be able to even manage their own message effectively - but puppets usually can't ...

JIm said...

You are right on in the criticism of Republicans having been less than fiscally conservative. That fact is why the Tea Party movement is so important. If a Republican is too liberal, they can and have been successfully challenged in primaries. It is important that the Tea Party movement remain independent so as to discipline Republicans when appropriate. When and if Democrats discovery fiscal discipline they will probably earn Tea Party support.