Friday, July 23, 2010


Here's the best response to the typical rightwing ad hominem argument I've seen since, well RJ Eskow's from yesterday's Huffington Post:

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AlamedaTom said...

Yeah, I just happened to watch that entire show. It was terrific, but I fear that all the progressive MSNBC pundits are preaching to the choir. I am discouraged at the thought that they are not changing anyone's mind. One of the big lessons I got in therapy long ago was: "What you say is true for you." The point in that milieu being the people you disagree with sincerely believe their view is true and correct. Thus it is very hard to change their views, and constant attempts to do so can literally make you crazy.

~ Willy

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Yes, but I remember long ago on a morning show this late middle aged woman who was once a "blue blood WASP old money" person who all her life had looked down on anyone who wasn't in her set - i.e. the non-rich, Jews, Gays, etc etc In the '80s she'd gone in the hospital for a blood transfusion and from it became HIV positive. Now, she was a different person, an activist, with friends of all stripes and colors and orientations. The moral of the story, is that maybe, when one comes face to face with their own mortality, then maybe they can/will see the light.

JIm said...

The ACORN Community Organizer and Chief, the Chicago style administration, Democrats in Democrat controlled congress have protected the electoral violators, ACORN. The Obama also dropped the charges against poll intimidators the Black Panthers. Even a Liberal might discern a pattern here.

As to Sponge Bob’s ratings being higher than Fox’s opinion shows, I suspect there is not a huge voting audience for Spongie.

Anonymous said...

ever notice how similar in both looks AND presentation/acting
that Rachel Maddow

looks just like Ron Reagan, Junior?

I guess that the media just didn't "dig" Ron's attitude/point of view.

I think that he is yet broadcasting via radio.

even Maddow's slight-smile/grin MIMMICKS Ron Reagan!

I like both of them but much prefer Reagan... he can reply without a script! Maddow needs to read the monitor...

she as are most of these talking heads are ENTERTAINERS and at best
C-Grade actors!

what "we" need right now is an actor like John Wayne... a "real-stupid 'merican Patriot Actor!

Anonymous said...

Sherrod made the statement in her speech and admitted that she was overpowered by racism at one point in her life.

Anti-white racism has placed this nation on a foundation constantly being undermined.

The NAACP and many of its members, like Ms. Sherrod, do not hesitate to remind us that our Founding Fathers were all white of one group or another.

They try to paint the Tea Party activists as whites who wish for those thrilling days of yesteryear. By that they infer the days of slavery, share cropping and segregation.

Why is it that nobody wants to talk about the African tribes who sold black Africans into slavery in the past and continue to do so to this very day?

Why is it that the pseudo-enlightened like Madcow have had their programs enacted since the 60's only to see race relations heightened, education sufferring, drugs becoming neighborhood empowerment projects?

There may have been some good in LBJ's Great Society or Carter's Dept of Education, but overall we as a nation are sufferring as the result of them.

Bill Cosby laid it right out there. Do not look for aid from your tormentor but look to aid yourself.

Anonymous said...

if i was a black person growing up in the 50's i think i might have a justifiable resentment against white's since they denied blacks their civil rights, and even lynched blacks with impunity, and even denied them access to a freakin rest room.
maddow is one of the only people with a microphone in the 4th estate that actually does the job of providing her viewers information and not a bunch of horseshit.
that glen beck actually says that thomas paine is his hero only confirms that he has never read a word of thomas paine.