Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Everybody's been talking and writing about last Sunday's NY Times "Sunday Review" (the renamed "Week in Review" section) opinion piece by Drew Weston: "What Happened to Obama?"

There wasn't anything totally new in it, things that hadn't been said before, some of them in articles written even before Obama became president. But it put them together in a way that was personal and hit a nerve at this exact moment of confusion and fear in the body politic, as they say.

It's worth reading, and I have to admit it voiced some of my own concerns. But another article in that section that I haven't heard anyone talking or writing about, especially the "mainstream" media, was about an island off South Korea that some say may be the most beautiful place on earth, and it's about to have that beauty greatly disturbed if not entirely destroyed by the construction of a vast naval base.

The article—"The Arms Race Intrudes on Paradise"—is, surprisingly, by Gloria Steinem. Still able to focus on things the rest of us sometimes miss.

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