Sunday, August 28, 2011


At least where I am. It's been raining for many hours but no real flooding around here yet and though the wind is gusty, nothing more than we've seen in thunderstorms all summer.

The worst part isn't scheduled to hit here until around 8AM. So if the power's still on then, I'll post what that's like. There's power outages everywhere the storm has been, as well as some deaths, so it's still serious business. But for now, from here, so far so good.

[PS: I figured I'd get in a bunch of old movies before any loss of power so watched a bunch of old Linda Darnell movies on TCM. Beautiful distraction.]

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe your are all by your lonesome!! But I am sure you are happy Flynn and all are not in harms way...Tony and I are wishing you all good luck and best wishes..!! :))
love, suzanne