Sunday, August 14, 2011


More like clan reunion. About ninety people including the kids. Less than last time I think. Many couldn't make it due to illness, distance, age, etc. But there were folks there in their eighties and babes in arms.

The best part was driving back with my thirteen-year-old and asking him if he had a good time. He not only said he loved it, that it was really fun, but that it was cool to see all these people, some he knew and some he didn't but all family. Especially to look at someone—a kid, or a grown-up—and see a face he recognized even if he didn't know them, because it was his face or close enough to bring his own face, or mine, or others in the family to mind.

As a young man I sometimes had a hard time with my family, and so I stayed away, held some grudges. Thank God for time and experience (and hopefully some "wisdom") that has allowed my heart to open more easily, and stay that way.


Anonymous said...

Where was the reunion held?

Lally said...

Down the Jersey shore, where we all used to go as kids and some in the clan still live there.