Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just took a walk around my immediate neighborhood as the rain has diminished to what the Irish call "a soft day" (isn't that much more poetic than "drizzle"?). And it looks like we lucked out in the old house my apartment's in, because there's downed trees and large branches starting right next door that has caused the power to go out there and the street to be cordoned off by the police.

My guess is all the sirens I'm hearing is the cops going to various streets to string police tape across them where trees and large branches are down blocking passage and/or knocking power lines etc. down. I'm gonna go check out the river soon too. I just heard hat the nearby town of Milburn which was under a few feet of water after Floyd is flooded again. That's where the water treatment plant has been "inundated" (as the taped emergency recording put it that told me and my townmates to boil water before cooking, drinking or brushing our teeth).

[PS: It's interesting that the governor of our state, Christie, who as you know is a rightwing Republican who wants the federal government to cut regulations and programs etc. and has cut them in our state, is now asking for and using federal and state government resources, including people, to prepare for the hurricane and now to clean up etc. The usual rightwing jive, ala Texa Governor Perry whose great "jobs building" claim is based on an increase in government funded jobs!]

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