Monday, November 4, 2013


Don't like the logo or the station identification vids, but otherwise, this is turning into the best in-depth news network on TV. A lot of their longer segments remind me of the early 1950s TV news documentaries. They are covering topics no one else is, as well as most of what everyone else is, but with—like I said—more in-depth reporting, not just talking-head-both-sides-are-equal cop outs.

It's not flashy or trendy or vacuous, but rather clearheaded and straightforward. I can see why Public TV's Ray Suarez has left Newshour for Al Jazeera. I look forward to hopefully more in-depth reporting on so many aspects of our country and society too long neglected by the other news shows and networks.

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Anonymous said...

yes it is..

the local cable network used to have it on their
low-level service.... and
it is no longer free on over the air.

It was REALLY good before Al Jeezera 'tweaked' things towards a more USA audience....

of course there had been
and probably yet is
some 'slanted' stuff via their broadcasts

but not as much as what our media and politicaly/religiously CORRECT, non-stop blathering spin doctors feed us ?