Thursday, November 28, 2013


This one man show was filmed for HBO and I finally caught it tonight and was pleasantly and movingly surprised.  I knew Tyson was bright from the first interview he had on a late night TV show after he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history, because when asked about boxing his answers revealed an amazing knowledge of not just the art but the history, in depth and enlightening.

But still I didn't expect a lot from this one man show venture. But he knocked me out, in the show biz sense. He's funny, poignant, humble, brutally honest, self-aware and totally engaging. He imitates all kinds of people in ways that bring them to life and make it feel like it's a multi-character show. If there's any rationalizing of some of his bigger life mistakes, or self-justification, it's layered in as I said humility and the honesty at the core of humility.

The show is really well shaped and flows so well I wasn't bored or disinterested for a second. Spike Lee's done a good job of directing, but it's Tyson's show all the way and he makes it well worth your while to watch it.

[PS: For those wondering about this post for these holi (holy) day(s) is quite appropriate since the ultimate message in Tyson's show is gratitude, as it is in Thanksgiving and Hanukkah...]

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