Friday, November 15, 2013


Now the Republicans are playing a smart game, flanking Obama and the Dems with the Healthcare thing by saying if Dems vote for the Bill the Congress just passed they're supporting their president cause it backs up what he promised (though of course it goes much further and basically recalls Obamacare) so then if he vetoes it, he's going against what he promised, but if they vote against it they're going against their president and the voters who had their insurance policies canceled.

The Repubs are smart enough to use either position any Democrat whose running for office will have a hard time defending, while the Dems and Obama have left themselves open by trying to get the insurance corporations on their side etc. only once a corporation sees a weakness it goes in for the kill (Barnes & Noble putting up stores they'd lose money on but were close to independent bookstores doing well, Walmart destroying mom and pop stores, etc. etc.).

Like I said in the previous post, Obama and the Dems should have immediately pointed out how the problems with the Obamacare rollout were corporate caused, the computer problems were the fault of the privatization of the computer rollout to corporations and the insurance cancellations the fault of insurance corporations trying to destroy Obamacare (why would they otherwise not have waited to cancel policies when it's time next year to meet the new standards).

Obama and the Dems have been mugged once again and don't even know what hit them. But they should at least know WHO hit them. Same as it always was.

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