Thursday, November 14, 2013


It's starting to feel that way. It's not just the Sarah Palins and Glen Becks, the Hannitys and oh basically everyone on Fox News and speaking out for the Tea Party etc., but what bozos do the Dems get to run their media connections...

This whole Obamacare thing has been handled first by denial and then by strained and piecemeal and fragmented complicated stutter start explanations that comes across as either gobbledy gook or jive.

If the Koch brothers money was running the Democrats' show and they had the think tanks talking heads and strategists, Obama's people would have been making it clear all along that there'd be a rough start, a la Social Security, Medicare and the original Obamacare, i.e. Romneycare.

They all had the same kinds of confusion, minimal participation and glitches that eventually got worked out and now a majority participates and supports those programs, just as they will Obamacare unless the right succeeds in reversing it—with enormous help from the media.

I can't even watch NBC News anymore on this shite, the adjectives used sound like my teenager when he gets emotional, like there has never been any greater mess up than this, when just a few weeks ago we were in a government shutdown that cost us all 24 billion dollars!

But Obama and the people he surrounds himself with have blown the message on this one. Someone should have been immediately out front about how a single payer plan wouldn't have all these problems, and how the insurance companies were the ones causing the trouble in the first place, and how this plan, originally created by Republicans depends too much on outside contractors to do the computer set ups.

The best defense is to say hey, if we had a government agency doing this, like the ones that handle Medicare or Social Security, we wouldn't have had these problems. They were caused by privatization! Corporations! Surprise surprise!

Too tedious that a lone old man sitting at his computer can come up with a better media strategy than all those thirty-five-year-old administration minions running around blocking access for people like, well not me, I'm past it, but friends who are still in the political game and on the Dems side.

Another late night rant I'm afraid. Sweet dreams.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

A late night rant maybe, but much needed and appreciated. We need to keep shining the light of truth onto the facade compose of hate, malevolence and lies by people who don't have the character, balls or brains to acknowledge the truth, reality and goodness.

Anonymous said...

Mgmt.error. Project was assigned to CSM a govt agency. No one looked out for the Boss.No one told Obama this was screwed up. Sibelius not "hands on" manager or had someone else do that, someone trustworthy. Same as Hillary re Bengazi.No one taking care of nuts and bolts. No one telling the emperor about his new programs, new situations.Why? Something to be studied in management research institutions. What inthe management culture creates this situation? ...Bill L

Bob said...

Right on, "old man sitting at his computer" Michael, and how predictable it should have been that the new health care system would get off to a rough start.

Reminds me of how I, a mere high school graduate, knew there were no "weapons of mass destruction" prior to the Iraq invasion. Yet another shameful failure by big news media (as well as politicians worried about re-election and accusations of being unpatriotic). And all the Fox News talking heads at that time all in support of the invasion who were completely wrong. The result: a literal mountain of dead human beings. Oops! Yet, tv watchers swallow the same bullshit from these very same so-called pundits who have a history of being wrong, wrong, and wrong, including Obamacare and pretty much everything else.

And I certainly agree that a single payer system should have been pursued immediately instead of morphing into it later (which I think was the general hope).

Mike Binder said...

Love you Lal. Miss you like a cat misses the litter box.

Lally said...

Thanks Robert and Bob. And Bill, it's odd though that they don't have management problems with election campaigns and they handled the military amazing well compared to many of their predecessors, including ex-military man Carter et. al. And Mike, miss you too funny man.

AlamedaTom said...

What baffles me is how Obama could run such an awesome, organized, and well executed campaign TWICE, and not be able to run the health care roll out with the same sure hand. Lately, I have been really disappointed in the whole liberal/Democrat performance from now back to the 90's: first, Clinton screws up his second term with the Monica shenanigans, and now Obama's second term has failed to accomplish a smooth implementation of the ONE THING he was able to get past this criminally obstructionist House of Representatives. I feel like the fan of a sports team with the highest payroll whose team is in last place.

~Willy (another crotchety old man)

Lally said...

I hear ya Willy.