Friday, November 29, 2013


As the new pope made clear, along with historians and those who truly care about the poor and struggling, the disparity between the wealthiest among us and the poorest has to be addressed and corrected. It's right up there with climate change and the oppression of women in too much of the world.

Here's three things I'd like to see more action on (including protest campaigns from activists):

1. Religious organizations should be taxed proportionally (as should everyone else, including corporations).

2. Professional sports teams should be not given tax breaks for new stadiums and arenas that taxpayers are forced to subsidize (or like spoiled brats the teams will take their balls and go elsewhere etc.)

3. Corporations that rely on taxpayers to supplement their workers' meager pay and benefits through food stamps and Medicaid etc. (like Walmarts) should be required by law to pay their workers living wages (like Costco does I understand) or be banned from doing business in this country.

Just another late night rantlet (and mini-list!)

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