Sunday, November 17, 2013


Last night I went to the opening of an installation called TAR at a community art works place called Ironworks in the city where I was born: Orange, New Jersey. Thanks to Mindy Fullilove and her daughter Molly, who helped create and run Ironworks, a lot of artists from Orange and environs were invited to paint with only black paint or markers on white walls.

At the reception last night others were invited to take part as well, while one of the artists created and cooked (in an outdoor oven) homemade pizza. You can see one person adding to the artwork at the place where two walls joined in one of these unfortunately not so hot photos I took on my iPhone that don't capture the vitality and spirit and good conversation and sense of community I enjoyed at the event (the shot of me in front of Gandalf the Girl was taken by Mindy).

But at least I've finally figured out how to take photos on my iPhone and with the help of my teenager how to get them on to the computer! If you're anywhere in the area (406 Tompkins Street, Orange NJ) stop in some afternoon and check out the artwork. Its pretty impressive up close.


tom said...

I like the concept and I like the work.

tpw said...

Always having fun up there in NJ.