Sunday, November 10, 2013


There are still people in positions of power who propagate the fallacy that "global warming" and the climate change it causes is a myth, or if pushed by the overwhelming facts to the contrary, insist it's not man made but just one of the weather cycles nature has had throughout history.

But they never have an explanation for why we have had weather events in recent years that have been either the worst in history or are occurring every ten years when throughout history they occurred every hundred or five hundred years. The devastating impact of the latest "historic" storm, the typhoon that hit The Philippines has been called the most powerful in history (and the death toll may rise to the highest in history).

If it is already too late to stop these changes in severe weather events, the next best action is to start moving beach and shore communities inland to avoid the kinds of death tolls we are seeing unfortunately from this storm. My heart goes out to the victims and those who lost their homes and to my friends who have relatives in The Philippines.


AlamedaTom said...

Headline in today's (Sunday) S.F. Chronicle:
"California on course for driest year on record."

Lally said...

Hmmmmm indeed.